Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Technology and the Frustration of Using Technology

It has been a long time since I have posted on the FitnessJobs.com blog. Why you might ask?

Is it that I hate writing blog articles?

Is it that I am too busy too write valuable content for my blog?

Is it that I don't think it's important?

Nope, it's none of the above. The fact of the matter is, I get lazy and frustrated with technology and the challenges that it sometimes presents. The truth is I have not been able to login and through many attempts, I just gave up for a while. Today, miraculously, I was able to login. Imagine that:)

So, coming soon, I hope to be a regular contributor to the FitnessJobs.com blog!

Alan Cohen

Monday, April 21, 2014

         Fitness Career Tips         for 2014 Grads

If you are one of the 2 million plus college graduates this year, you may find yourself working in the health and fitness industry; even though you did not take any related courses. The fitness industry is rock-solid with well over 40,000 locations and 25 billion in annual revenues. Club memberships have become a requirement for leading a healthy life, not a luxury, like in years past. 

Working in a health club could become a good fallback job compared to working in restaurants and other entry level positions. The big upside is you almost always get a complimentary gym membership. This provides an opportunity to get in great shape, which is a powerful tool that will assist you in your ongoing career search. Additionally, working for a health club is a great perk for your social life.  Finally, many business owners and hiring managers are members of fitness clubs, providing you an endless source of networking possibilities.

If your degree is in fitness management, the exercise sciences, recreation, sports management or a related field, the fitness industry is probably already on your radar.

Below are several fitness career tips from FitnessJobs.com.  These tips have been posted on FitnessJobs.com/Trade Talk, as well as posts from our Twitter, Facebook or Blog accounts. Many of these tips/ posts have been shared from other career sites, particularly Careerealism, a fantastic career site that all job seekers need to subscribe to.

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Alan Cohen is a renowned fitness industry career expert with more than 30 years of experience in the health club industry. He is the founder of FitnessJobs.com and author of: LandYourDreamFitnessJob He can be reached by email: alan@fitnessjobs.com or by calling 800-259-4397.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Park and Recreation Jobs Summer Employment Opportunities

Getting a summer/seasonal job this year will be very competitive because of the economy. With high unemployment, teenagers and college graduates are competing with adults for jobs that traditionally went to students on break. The good news is there are a large number of jobs available in the recreation field. Companies are already gearing up to hire staff in a variety of positions for both outdoor and indoor activities. To get the job you want this summer you should be applying now.

Opportunities for recreation jobs can be found at summer camps, water parks, country clubs, master planned communities, municipal park and recreation centers, hotels, resorts, and even cruise ships. Non-profits such as Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, and JCCs will need additional staff to work with kids out of school for the summer.

Many of the same positions are available at each facility. One of the most popular is lifeguarding. Although most jobs don’t require specialized training, being a lifeguard will require certification by the American Red Cross. Other aquatic jobs include pool manager, waterfront director, and swimming instructor.

Summer camp opportunities are a little more adventurous. Camps are looking for canoeing, waterskiing, mountain climbing, and wilderness instructors, in addition to lifeguards and camp counselors. Positions at country clubs or golf courses include food service, activities staff and caddies. Health clubs, destination spas, hotels and resorts, need lifeguards, sports and fitness instructors to teach exercise activities such as Pilates, aerobics, martial arts, and yoga to individuals and groups.

But not all jobs in the recreation field involve sport. You can still enjoy the atmosphere of a recreational setting by working in customer service, food and beverage, retail, maintenance, housekeeping, and as front desk staff. Childcare is also in demand at many facilities.

A great place to start your job search is at ParkandRecreationJobs.com. Although some companies require that you fill out an application online, you should also prepare a resume. Once you get the interview, it’s essential to have a resume geared to a particular job to give to the interviewer in person. A variety of free resume templates are available at resumeimproved.com. Make sure that you also have a list of references prepared. They can make the difference in whether you get the job or not. And do research on the company where you want to apply. Not only will that tell you whether it’s the right place for you to work, but will also help you during the interview.

There are many advantages in working a summer recreation job. Positions can be either full or part-time. Schedules can be flexible to meet yours or the company’s needs. There is also a great opportunity to meet people and network. One of the best perks may be a free membership to your facility, along with discounts on food and retail products. You may even increase your own fitness with club privileges.

Recreation jobs are fun and can seem informal, but remember to keep a professional manner. They can be resume enhancers and the source of references for future jobs or even a new career track.

Alan Cohen launched FitnessJobs.com in 1998 as a website for both job seekers and employers specializing in the health, fitness, recreation, and leisure industries. Over the years, Cohen built a unique “collection” of websites that now encompass six integrated job boards: AquaticsCareer.com, FitnessJobs.com, NutriJobs.com, ParkandRecreationJobs.com, SpaandSalonJobs.com, and YogaJobs.com. Cohen also offers personalized advice to job seekers and employers to ensure their success at 800-259-4397.

Friday, February 1, 2013

AquaticsCareers.com: Your Destination for Lifeguard and Aquatic Jobs

The 2013 summer season is around the corner, and this is the time when the demand for lifeguards and aquatic staff begins to peak. From February through Memorial Day, thousands of new jobs across various categories in the aquatics sector will be available. Those who are enthusiastic about making a promising career in this field can expect to find job opportunities ranging from the position of a lifeguard, pool manager, swim instructor, aquatic director, and waterfront director.

 The recreational industry across the United States experiences a boom during the summer season, and this is the time to make the most of the opportunity. Apart from seasonal job opportunities, the aquatics and recreation industry offers excellent long-term career as well as entrepreneurial opportunities.

 Employment Verticals in the Aquatic Industry

 To gain employment in the aquatic industry, a candidate can explore opportunities across various vertical markets. Depending on the local geography and climate, municipalities tend to hire either year-round based or seasonally. Some of the key career opportunities are in the positions of municipal pool lifeguards, beach and lakefront lifeguards, aquatic directors, and waterpark managers.

 A number of ongoing aquatic career opportunities are also available with nonprofits such as Boys and Girls Clubs, JCCs, and YMCAs. Some of the other key vertical markets for aquatic jobs and careers include health clubs, colleges and universities, aquatic centers, master planned communities, senior living facilities, destination spas, hotels and resorts, private golf clubs, and cruise ships.

 Pre-requisites for an Aquatic Career

 The bright news for aspirants looking to make a career in the aquatic industry is that a formal degree is not necessary for most of the jobs. Several types of certification options are available, and most of them are solid enough for job eligibility in this field.

 Candidates with a larger number of certifications and more diverse experience can expect to find more job availabilities. Generally speaking, an individual aspiring for an aquatic professional role should be in a terrific physical condition, should have an inclination for working with people, and should be completely comfortable with swimming and being in the water.

 Lifeguard Certification from Red Cross

 The right place to begin for acquiring a lifeguard certification is the AmericanRed Cross. Candidates can find various certifications to start building a career in this field by visiting the official website of the American Red Cross. A large number of organizations host and certify lifeguard positions for the American Red Cross throughout the country, particularly during the peak season.

 With a lifeguard certification from the American Red Cross, it is possible to become a Red Cross Training Instructor. This is usually a fantastic first step towards building an independent aquatic business.  For more information about job opportunities in the aquatic industry, visit AquaticsCareers.com

 About The Career Collection™:

Alan Cohen launched FitnessJobs.com in 1998 as a website for both job seekers and employers specializing in the health, fitness, recreation, and leisure industries. Over the years, Cohen built a unique “collection” of websites that now encompass six integrated job boards: AquaticsCareers.com, FitnessJobs.com, NutriJobs.com, ParkandRecreationJobs.com, SpaandSalonJobs.com, and YogaJobs.com. Cohen also offers personalized advice to job seekers and employers to ensure their success at 800-259-4397.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Yoga Instructor Career Opportunities

Yoga is an ancient Indian form of exercise to promote your physical and mental health and well-being. Its immense benefits have made it popular all over the world in the last 50 years. When yoga was introduced to the United States initially, people found it to be a somewhat funny way to exercise. Most people dismissed it as a passing fad.

However, yoga not only lasted beyond all expectations, but has grown into a lucrative career and business opportunity for many yoga experts and even non-yoga individuals who aspire to make a career in this area. With the increasing stress levels in the society, many people are looking for alternative and complementary ways to support their health. This is where yoga is proving to be immensely useful with its tangible health-promoting properties.

Growing Demand for Yoga Instructors
In many parts of the United States today, you can find thousands of yoga instructors providing yoga training and conducting yoga sessions to Americans in various age groups. Yoga classes are usually packed with people who are looking for safe and healthy alternative solutions for their physical and mental well-being. There is a consistent demand for qualified and experienced yoga instructors in most of the major cities across the country.

Television, radio, and newspapers have done their bit to popularize yoga by portraying it as a proven safe and effective way to enhance your general health. A number of celebrities over the years have acknowledged the benefits they received through yoga techniques, thereby contributing to the popularity of this form of exercise. Several leading fitness centers, sports facilities, and healthcare facilities are hiring trained yoga instructors to satisfy the demand of their clients who are clamoring to learn yoga.

Well-paid Profession
Yoga teaching is fast becoming a fairly well-paid profession, considering the rising interest among the people in this form of exercise and the relative dearth of trained and qualified yoga instructors. When a yoga instructor works as an employee of a large facility, he or she can expect to earn a salary that is commensurate with their skills and experience as an instructor. If the popularity of the teacher grows and the facility receives a larger number of students, the salary will grow in proportion.

Some enterprising yoga instructors are also running their own private yoga classes. This can result in higher earnings as long as the instructor receives a regular stream of students. Yoga classes are usually paid for on a per head per class basis. Some yoga instructors work a regular job in another field, and take yoga classes in their spare time, often times in the evenings, or over the weekends to make some addition money. In a dire economy, this only makes more sense.

Attributes of a Yoga Instructor
A professional yoga instructor must have the necessary skills and qualifications before he or she can take classes as a teacher. A thorough understanding of various yoga techniques and exercises is the most basic requirement. The teacher must also be an excellent communicator so that he or she can inspire, motivate, and engage the students to achieve the goals of the yoga class.

Alan Cohen, president of FitnessJobs.com and YogsJobs.com, is a leading expert in health and fitness related careers in the United States. He can be reached by phone at 800-259-4397 or by email alan@fitnessjobs.com.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Year's Resolution: Better Job, Better Health

As we approach the end of 2012, many of us will take some time to review our life during the past 12 months. This includes our jobs/career, health, relationships, finances and more.

I happen to think it is a great time of year to do this, so we can feel comfortable in the fact that we are doing this at least once a year.

Every year, two of the most popular New Year's resolutions are to get a new job and improve our health. Both can be accomplished working in the fitness, recreation and spa industries. And, the best thing is, there are thousands of job available right now, all across the U.S.

There are part-time jobs, full-time jobs and seasonal job available. Most fitness, recreation and spa businesses are open a lot of hours including Saturdays and Sundays, so you will have a ton of scheduling options. If you are going to school, raising a family or just trying to supplement your income, you will have a lot of choices. And, one of the hidden bonuses, you will in all probabbility, get a free membership and discounted servcies wherever you work!

For those looking for long-term career options, there are unlimited opportunities. Sales, customer service, fitness, personal training, operations, food service, massage therapist jobs, spa operations, maintenance, activities, child care, housekeeping and more. To  test the waters, go to FitnessJobs.com which has over 1,000 jobs posted on 6 different nich job sites in: Aquatics, Fitness, Nutrition, Park and Recreation, Spa and Salon and Yoga.

If the fitness, recreation and spa industry intrigues you for a better job and a healthier career, but you don't know much about these industries, you'll want to buy a great new eBook: "How to Land Your Dream Fitness Job" by Alan Cohen, founder of FitnessJobs.com and The Career Collection.

Not only will you get an education on the 11 vertical markets that have an abundance of job opportunities, you'll also earn how to uncover unadvertised TOP JOBS. Plus, find out how experienced professionals negotiate top compensation plans and more. When you purchase this valuable resource, you will also get the "Interviewing Tool Kit" FREE which will educate you and prepare you for interviewing in this fun and exciting industry.

Veterans and their families should definitely check out the fitness, recreation and spa industry for part-time or full-time opportunities. Many companies are becoming big supporters of veterans and their families. They also recognize the experience and leadership a veteran can bring to the workforce. For those veterans looking at becoming a personal trainer, they may want to visit The Veterans Fitness Career College where online solutions make it easy to get certified and working at a local health club.

Alan Cohen is a renowned fitness industry career expert with more than 30 years of experience. He is the founder of FitnessJobs.com and The Career CollectionHe can be reached at alan@fitnessjobs.com or by calling 800-259-4397.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fitness Industry Job Seekers Interviewing Tips

Job Seekers Beware!

Because of the tight job market, it is more important now, than ever, to make certain your resume, cover letters, email cover notes and references are in order. Below are some important job seeking tips.

1. Resumes. One size does not fit all. It is really important to customize your resume before sending it to an employer. Print the job posting and make certain that your resume mirrors the job posting, if your experience is a match. As an example, if a company is looking for a Membership Director who has 3-5 years of experience in a racquets club, and you have that experience, but "Racquets" is not in your resume, add it.

If you are interviewing for an entry level operations management position, and your resume is tailored to a Fitness Manager position, than you need to review the job posting and craft the resume, highlighting your experience to mirror what the position calls for.

If you are interviewing for a General Manager position, that requires extensive sales and marketing experience, if you have that skill, you need to make certain this part of your resume mirrors what the perspective employer is looking for.

Finally, make certain your resume looks professional and is well presnted. With computers and the Internet, there is no excuse for a poorly crafted resume.

2. Cover lettters and email notes open the door. Cover letters may be a thing of the past due to the Internet and email. Most often job seekers are applying for jobs electronically by email or APPLY on LINE. Again, print each job posting and highlight the requirements and expectaions listed. Make certain in your cover note you personalize the note, mentioning the position you are applying for, where you saw the posting, why you are a perfect match based on your experience and why you think you'd be a great fit for their corporate culture. (You will find this on their website if they are a top employer).

Under no circumstances should you ever just email a resume without a personalized cover note. If you are applying for a top job, your resume will not even be opened. A C-D level employer may open the resume if they are desperate. Don't put yourself in that position. Your professioanl preparation will open doors to top jobs in the health and fitness industry.

3. References and Employment Verification. Top employers offering great jobs will often due their due dilligence and conduct employment verification and background checks. Do not make the mistake of fabricating information on your resume as it will be uncovered. Employment verification and reference checks can be done for as little as $25, so more employers are doing them.

Additionally, make sure your reference list is up to date, and those people who you have listed are aware that you are seeking a new position and they may be contacted. You should have employers, supervisors, community leaders and industry professionals listed. Make certain when you leave a job (Hopefuly not until you have a new job), you find out what the policy is when perspective employers call your former company for references. Many companies will only provide length of employment, your position and are you a candidate for rehire. This is important to know this so you can have a well rehearsed speech should a perspective employer asked why you left your last position.

Alan Cohen is a renowned fitness industry career expert with more than 30 years of experience in the health club industry. He is the founder of FitnessJobs.com and author of: How to Land Your Dream Fitness Job - A Complete Guide to Finding Your Dream Job in the Health and Fitness Industry.” He can be reached at alan@fitnessjobs.com or by calling 800-259-4397.