Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scam Ads Were Not Posted on

Information posted on on April 2, 2011 by Lawrence, from Los Angeles, CA.

As the founder and President of I take false malicious associations and accusations very seriously. Lawrence from Los Angeles, CA reported that he saw an ad he claims to be a scam ad posted on His sub-headline says: “Beware of jobs posted on”.

He claims in the ad he saw on, candidates are asked to give up personal information such as social security numbers, mother’s maiden names and even bank account information! He also claims that “People at NHE say they don’t have a account”.

This is what I can tell you as the founder and owner of for the past 12 years. First and foremost, we are a pay for service niche job board. Our 60 day job postings start at $125. Phishing employment ads show up on free job boards, not pay for posting job sites. The criminal element doesn’t pay $125 to post ads.

Next, Lawrence mentions that NHE representatives don’t have an account with (I am uncertain about Lawrence’s relationship with NHE). However, On September 9, 2010, someone registered for an account online with claiming to be from NHE. Because we do not verify the authenticity of every employer/company using our site, it may have been set up as a fraudulent account. They also paid $150 for a 60 day featured ad online using a credit card, which was accepted by our online credit card gateway vendor

I looked at their job posting as I do for all ads to learn more about their company. I even called them as they were a national company and wanted to speak to them about a more comprehensive recruiting program. I remember speaking with the recruiter who posted the ad. At no time did I see anything in the ad that resembled a phishing type ad.

In closing, we all need to be reminded not to provide sensitive personal information online. This message is repeated often as I believe it should. We are all responsible for educating future generations of Internet users.

Alan Cohen is the Founder and President of and The Career Collection. Alan has spent over 35 years in the fitness industry and founded 12 years ago. Alan is passionate about the fitness and recreation industry and loves helping employers and employees connect for fruitful relationships. For more information about recruiting on call 800-259-4397.