Monday, March 5, 2012

Careers as a Personal Trainer

Career Options for Personal Trainers

Have you ever considered a career as a personal trainer? Well you probably should as the labor department has fitness jobs and fitness careers as an emerging job market expected to grow by 25% over the next few years.
Where can you find fitness jobs or personal trainer jobs? has been the leading recruitment site for the past 12 years for health, fitness, recreation and spa jobs.

There are over 800 jobs posted on and The Career Collection which includes:,,,, and There are over 100 jobs for personal trainers posted plus 75 positions for fitness department managers.

There are a variety of different markets to work in as a personal trainer. Health clubs are the most frequently thought of places to find personal trainer jobs.  Other places where personal trainers can find employment are: senior living facilities, medical fitness centers, private country clubs, park and recreation departments, colleges and universities, resorts and spas, cruise ships, hospitals, corporate fitness centers, sports specific training centers, personal training studios, outdoor boot camps plus non-profits (JCC's and YMCA’s).

How do you become a personal trainer?  A college education in the exercise sciences and a personal training certification is a traditional path. Many companies will train employees with their own personal training certification programs. Online certification programs are also very popular.

Personal trainers can earn anywhere from $30,000-$80,000 per year. Most often, they earn their compensation from a percent of revenues they generate. Usually anywhere from 40-60% of the training fees that are charged.

Another resource comes from Alan Cohen, founder of He recently wrote an eBook on
How to Land Your Dream Fitness Job which has an abundance of information on certifications and other fitness careers to consider.