Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Looking for a New Fitness Job in 2012?

January is the busiest month in the fitness industry as Americans from coast to coast list better health as their number one New Year’s Resolution.

For those working in the fitness industry, finding a new job or different career track is also a popular New Year’s Resolution. Job seekers in all industries struggle with the complex process of finding a new job, which is a main reason so many people stay in jobs where they are underemployed or even worse; they hate their jobs!

This year, fitness job seekers will have a new resource to help them land their dream job. Alan Cohen, founder and president ofFitnessJobs.com launched his new eBook: “How to Land Your Dream Fitness JobA Complete Guide to Finding Your Dream Job in the Health and Fitness Industry in late December.
Cohen says, "Job seekers looking for new fitness careers should think about exploring all the different vertical markets within the industry. There are 13 main vertical markets all fitness job seekers should consider when trying to land their dream fitness job.”

Below is a list of the top 13 vertical markets in the health and fitness industry:
  1. Health clubs
  2. Non-profits: YMCA, JCC, Boys and Girls Clubs
  3. Park and Recreation Departments
  4. Medical Fitness Centers
  5. Personal training and sports specific training centers
  6. Master planned communities and country clubs
  7. Corporate fitness centers
  8. Hotels, resorts and cruise ships
  9. Senior living facilities
  10. College and university recreation complexes
  11. Owning your own club or franchise
  12. Working for a management company who is hired to manage facilities
  13. Working for a supplier to the industry

Although the health and fitness industry has been affected by the downturn in the economy, it is still a very vibrant industry as most people will not give up their membership which has always been a great value and an important component to one’s life.

For more information on Cohen’s new job hunting resource go to: LandYourDreamFitnessJob.com

Current job openings can be viewed by going to FitnessJobs.com.

Alan Cohen is the Founder and President of FitnessJobs.com and The Career Collection. Alan has spent over 35 years in the fitness industry and founded FitnessJobs.com 12+ years ago. Alan is passionate about the fitness and recreation industry and loves helping employers and employees connect for fruitful relationships. For more information about recruiting on FitnessJobs.com call 800-259-4397