Friday, July 13, 2012

How to Monetize the P90X Program for Health Clus

By now, many health club owners and operators have heard that Beachbody’s top selling home fitness program, P90X is coming to health clubs. As we speak, there are week-end certification programs being conducted throughout the U.S. preparing fitness trainers and group fitness professionals to teach this incredibly popular program to health club members. (Over 4 million P90X programs sold to date via television infomercials).

Recently, a press release showed up in Market Watch of the Wall Street Journal announcing this exciting news and also referencing a partnership with the NASM organization adding instant credibility to the P90X Certification program:

As the Founder and President of, and a fitness entrepreneur at heart, I decided to team-up with Tom Perkins a friend of mine and a fitness industry consultant to create a comprehensive sales, marketing and implementation program to help health clubs participate in this exciting new programming option. I personally feel clubs can net over $100,000 annually with the P90X/Beachbody program.

Any club owner, executive or manager that is interested in learning more about this exciting new program can email me at or call me at 800-259-4397 for more information. This is a Game Changer for the fitness industry, don't get left behind.