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The 2013 summer season is around the corner, and this is the time when the demand for lifeguards and aquatic staff begins to peak. From February through Memorial Day, thousands of new jobs across various categories in the aquatics sector will be available. Those who are enthusiastic about making a promising career in this field can expect to find job opportunities ranging from the position of a lifeguard, pool manager, swim instructor, aquatic director, and waterfront director.

 The recreational industry across the United States experiences a boom during the summer season, and this is the time to make the most of the opportunity. Apart from seasonal job opportunities, the aquatics and recreation industry offers excellent long-term career as well as entrepreneurial opportunities.

 Employment Verticals in the Aquatic Industry

 To gain employment in the aquatic industry, a candidate can explore opportunities across various vertical markets. Depending on the local geography and climate, municipalities tend to hire either year-round based or seasonally. Some of the key career opportunities are in the positions of municipal pool lifeguards, beach and lakefront lifeguards, aquatic directors, and waterpark managers.

 A number of ongoing aquatic career opportunities are also available with nonprofits such as Boys and Girls Clubs, JCCs, and YMCAs. Some of the other key vertical markets for aquatic jobs and careers include health clubs, colleges and universities, aquatic centers, master planned communities, senior living facilities, destination spas, hotels and resorts, private golf clubs, and cruise ships.

 Pre-requisites for an Aquatic Career

 The bright news for aspirants looking to make a career in the aquatic industry is that a formal degree is not necessary for most of the jobs. Several types of certification options are available, and most of them are solid enough for job eligibility in this field.

 Candidates with a larger number of certifications and more diverse experience can expect to find more job availabilities. Generally speaking, an individual aspiring for an aquatic professional role should be in a terrific physical condition, should have an inclination for working with people, and should be completely comfortable with swimming and being in the water.

 Lifeguard Certification from Red Cross

 The right place to begin for acquiring a lifeguard certification is the AmericanRed Cross. Candidates can find various certifications to start building a career in this field by visiting the official website of the American Red Cross. A large number of organizations host and certify lifeguard positions for the American Red Cross throughout the country, particularly during the peak season.

 With a lifeguard certification from the American Red Cross, it is possible to become a Red Cross Training Instructor. This is usually a fantastic first step towards building an independent aquatic business.  For more information about job opportunities in the aquatic industry, visit

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