Saturday, March 2, 2013

Park and Recreation Jobs Summer Employment Opportunities

Getting a summer/seasonal job this year will be very competitive because of the economy. With high unemployment, teenagers and college graduates are competing with adults for jobs that traditionally went to students on break. The good news is there are a large number of jobs available in the recreation field. Companies are already gearing up to hire staff in a variety of positions for both outdoor and indoor activities. To get the job you want this summer you should be applying now.

Opportunities for recreation jobs can be found at summer camps, water parks, country clubs, master planned communities, municipal park and recreation centers, hotels, resorts, and even cruise ships. Non-profits such as Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, and JCCs will need additional staff to work with kids out of school for the summer.

Many of the same positions are available at each facility. One of the most popular is lifeguarding. Although most jobs don’t require specialized training, being a lifeguard will require certification by the American Red Cross. Other aquatic jobs include pool manager, waterfront director, and swimming instructor.

Summer camp opportunities are a little more adventurous. Camps are looking for canoeing, waterskiing, mountain climbing, and wilderness instructors, in addition to lifeguards and camp counselors. Positions at country clubs or golf courses include food service, activities staff and caddies. Health clubs, destination spas, hotels and resorts, need lifeguards, sports and fitness instructors to teach exercise activities such as Pilates, aerobics, martial arts, and yoga to individuals and groups.

But not all jobs in the recreation field involve sport. You can still enjoy the atmosphere of a recreational setting by working in customer service, food and beverage, retail, maintenance, housekeeping, and as front desk staff. Childcare is also in demand at many facilities.

A great place to start your job search is at Although some companies require that you fill out an application online, you should also prepare a resume. Once you get the interview, it’s essential to have a resume geared to a particular job to give to the interviewer in person. A variety of free resume templates are available at Make sure that you also have a list of references prepared. They can make the difference in whether you get the job or not. And do research on the company where you want to apply. Not only will that tell you whether it’s the right place for you to work, but will also help you during the interview.

There are many advantages in working a summer recreation job. Positions can be either full or part-time. Schedules can be flexible to meet yours or the company’s needs. There is also a great opportunity to meet people and network. One of the best perks may be a free membership to your facility, along with discounts on food and retail products. You may even increase your own fitness with club privileges.

Recreation jobs are fun and can seem informal, but remember to keep a professional manner. They can be resume enhancers and the source of references for future jobs or even a new career track.

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