Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Is Your Fitness Career in a Tailspin?
Dead End? No Hope in Sight?

Well, you are certainly not alone. Not everyone takes the time to create a strategic plan for a prosperous career and future. Most people look at their future as one job at a time.

What inspires fitness professionals to make changes and take steps to improve their career? Usually it is a series of bad luck; choosing the wrong job, bad employer or having a difficult supervisor.

The next motivation is salary and compensation package. When the ether wears off and your net pay is deposited in your bank account, that's when the light goes off LOUD and CLEAR!

There are many options for resurrecting your career. You can look for a mentor or advocate in your current organization. In time, confide with them your career aspirations and ask for advice.

You can participate in industry trade organizations where you will not only learn about the industry, but you will meet valuable connections through networking.

You can spend a lot of time networking through numerous social media sites, which is almost a given these days. But, what if there was a short-cut that would save you time and money and prepare you for a successful career NOW!

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